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Welcome to our P-R-O-T-E-C-T Platform.
These priorities reflect my commitment to serving Loudoun with integrity, accountability, and a focus on the community's financial well-being. Together, we can build a stronger, prosperous, and more inclusive future for our county.



Preserving financial standing

As Treasurer of Loudoun County, I am dedicated to upholding Loudoun County's Triple-A (AAA) bond rating and preserving its solid financial standing. By prioritizing sound financial management and teaming with other county departments and external stakeholders, I will ensure that our county's fiscal health remains strong.



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Together let’s re-imagine our corner of the world. Let’s usher in a new generation of leadership. Let’s re-imagine an Office that places people above their personal politics. Let’s generate greater faith in government. Let’s imagine the government can be the solution and not the problem. Let’s dare to believe! 



Optimizing efficiency

Optimizing efficiency is paramount to the Treasurer's Office. To maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our county's operations, I promise voters that I will conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of processes within the Treasurer's Office.. By identifying outdated systems, inefficiencies, how the Treasurer’s Office can work with other departments to eliminate redundant tasks and siloed , and areas for improvement, we can streamline operations and save valuable resources, ultimately benefiting all residents.

• Process Evaluation: Conduct a thorough review of existing processes and workflows within the Treasurer's Office. Identify areas where inefficiencies exist, such as redundant tasks, bottlenecks, or outdated systems. Specifically, evaluate the current RBS application where taxes are assessed and levied and engage alternative vendors to enhance functionality and provide improved services to taxpayers. For example, elect to have taxes automatically debited on a specific date, thus eliminating the need to initiate a payment which prevents late payments and increases predictability of tax collections. • Automation and Technology Integration: Explore opportunities to leverage automation and modern technologies within the Treasurer's Office. Implement digital systems for record-keeping, financial transactions, and reporting to streamline processes, reduce paperwork, and improve accuracy. Specifically, Implement a countywide payment portal system. Create a taskforce to identify manual in person payments across all government departments and provide an online payment solution. • Performance Metrics and Tracking: Implement performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor the Office's efficiency and effectiveness. Regularly track and analyze these metrics to identify areas for improvement and ensure progress towards established goals. • Work to tear down siloed functions that typically create redundancies across county departments. Work with departmental heads to facilitate collection and payment efforts. • Data Security: Implement robust measures to safeguard sensitive financial data while delivering exceptional customer service. • Network with other Treasurers across the Commonwealth to share ideas and develop a best practices handbook.



Transparency creating trust and accountability

Transparency is crucial to maintaining trust and accountability. I will ensure transparency by providing easy access to information on decision-making processes in the Treasurer's Office. I will ensure that every person in Loudoun County has easy access to information regarding how and why decisions are made in my Office. I believe in open and accountable governance, and will work diligently to provide clear and concise financial information to the public.

• User-Friendly Website: Develop a user-friendly website dedicated to providing comprehensive information on Loudoun County expenditures. This platform will educate citizens on how the county spends its $4.2 Billion, highlighting key factors, priorities, and public input opportunities. Additionally, the website will explain the investment strategies employed by the Treasurer's Office, ensuring transparency in decision-making. • Audit Briefs: Publish accessible and concise summaries of audit reports conducted within the Treasurer's Office. These briefs will provide an overview of the audit findings, recommendations, and actions taken to address any identified issues. By sharing this information with the public, we will promote accountability and demonstrate our commitment to sound financial practices. • Regular Financial Updates: Maintain up-to-date financial information on the Treasurer's Office website. This will include revenue and expenditure reports, budgetary updates, and fiscal performance indicators. By providing regular updates, citizens can stay informed about the county's financial status and how taxpayer funds are being utilized. • Open Data Initiative: Implement an open data initiative to make financial information easily accessible and usable for citizens, researchers, and journalists. This initiative will involve publishing datasets related to Loudoun County's finances in a standardized, machine-readable format. This will enable interested individuals to analyze the data, promote transparency, and foster collaboration in exploring innovative solutions. • Public Engagement Sessions: Host periodic public engagement sessions where citizens can interact directly with the Treasurer's Office. These sessions will provide opportunities for residents to ask questions, seek clarification on financial matters, and provide feedback on budget priorities and investment decisions. By engaging with the community, we can ensure their voices are heard and their concerns are addressed. By implementing this comprehensive plan, we will create a transparent and efficient Treasurer's Office in Loudoun County. Residents will have easy access to financial information, and our team will continuously strive for improvement and innovation in our operations. Together, we will build a stronger foundation of trust, accountability, and fiscal responsibility in serving the people of Loudoun County.



Empowering every team member

I firmly believe that great ideas can come from all levels of an organization. That's why I am committed to empowering the entire team within the Treasurer's Office, from interns to senior staff, to contribute their insights and suggestions for enhancing our operations and efficiency. I will foster a culture of inclusivity respect and acceptance where every member of our team is valued.


Together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes!

• Collaborative Improvement Initiatives: Foster a culture of continuous improvement by encouraging input from all members of the Office, regardless of their position. Establish regular brainstorming sessions, suggestion boxes, or an online platform where staff can contribute ideas for streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. • Training and Skill Development: Provide training and professional development opportunities to enhance the skills and knowledge of the Office staff. This will enable them to adapt to modern tools and technologies, as well as stay updated on best practices in financial management.



Cooperation, collaboration, and consensus building

Cooperation, Collaboration and Consensus Building 

These C’s will be a hallmark of my tenure when elected.  I pledge to work with any government personnel to identify and implement beneficial solutions for the county. I am a first-time candidate and may be naïve but my goal is to remove politics from governance.

I’ve seen where individuals in elected Offices make decisions for political reasons and the result is Loudoun County pays the price with higher costs and greater inefficiencies. The Treasurer’s Office is a unique Office with a specific function and we can be non-political. As treasurer I will place the interest of the community above politics. And I will work with anyone to achieve this goal. Our slogan is B.I.C. – Best Interest of the County and our hope is to promote greater faith in government. My Marine Drill instructor said there were not Black, White, Brown, Yellow Marines – “You are are all GREEN” – referencing our camouflage green uniforms. And I say there is no Red Loudoun or Blue Loudoun there is ONE Loudoun !



Teaming with all people

I am dedicated to increasing the number of partners at our fiscal / economic table. An expansive team is essential to fostering innovation and achieving the best outcomes. By embracing diverse perspectives, we can access a wealth of knowledge and expertise to make informed financial decisions.


Your voice matters to us! Send us a message and share your thoughts on how we can best PROTECT Loudoun County.

From reaching out to fellow voters to joining us for events throughout the year, we're excited to welcome you to our amazing volunteer team and look forward to meeting you soon.

All donations are greatly appreciated as they keep the engine of our campaign running and get us one step closer to getting Robin elected. Click here to make your donation. 

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