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22 Year Resident


Certified Public Accountant


Meet Robin

Robin Roopnarine is a first-generation immigrant who has dedicated his life to serving his community and country. While in college Robin joined the Marine Corps Reserves where he served in the Middle East as part of Operation Desert Storm. After being honorably discharged, Robin graduated law school and became a Certified Public Accountant. 

As our next County Treasurer, Robin understands we need to continue our fiscal responsibility which allows us to invest in our community. Robin knows we need to increase cooperation across departments to continue to make Loudoun a great place to live, work, and raise a family. 

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Robin Roopnarine Speaking

Robin's Key Issues

  • Preserve Loudoun County's Triple-A (AAA) Bond Rating
    As Treasurer of Loudoun County, I am dedicated to upholding Loudoun County's Triple-A (AAA) bond rating and preserving its solid financial standing. By prioritizing sound financial management and teaming with other county departments and external stakeholders, I will ensure that our county's fiscal health remains strong.
  • Re-imagine
    Together let’s re-imagine our corner of the world. Let’s usher in a new generation of leadership. Let’s re-imagine an Office that places people above their personal politics. Let’s generate greater faith in government. Let’s imagine the government can be the solution and not the problem. Let’s dare to believe!
  • Optimization
    Optimizing efficiency is paramount to the Treasurer's Office. To maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our county's operations, I promise voters that I will conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of processes within the Treasurer's Office.. By identifying outdated systems, inefficiencies, how the Treasurer’s Office can work with other departments to eliminate redundant tasks and siloed , and areas for improvement, we can streamline operations and save valuable resources, ultimately benefiting all residents.
  • Transparency
    Transparency is crucial to maintaining trust and accountability. I will ensure transparency by providing easy access to information on decision-making processes in the Treasurer's Office. I will ensure that every person in Loudoun County has easy access to information regarding how and why decisions are made in my Office. I believe in open and accountable governance, and will work diligently to provide clear and concise financial information to the public.
  • Empowering Every Team Member
    I firmly believe that great ideas can come from all levels of an organization. That's why I am committed to empowering the entire team within the Treasurer's Office, from interns to senior staff, to contribute their insights and suggestions for enhancing our operations and efficiency. I will foster a culture of inclusivity respect and acceptance where every member of our team is valued. Together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes!
  • Cooperation, Collaboration and Consensus Building
    These C’s will be a hallmark of my tenure when elected. I pledge to work with any government personnel to identify and implement beneficial solutions for the county. I am a first-time candidate and may be naïve but my goal is to remove politics from governance.
  • Teaming with ALL
    I am dedicated to increasing the number of partners at our fiscal / economic table. An expansive team is essential to fostering innovation and achieving the best outcomes. By embracing diverse perspectives, we can access a wealth of knowledge and expertise to make informed financial decisions.

With PROTECT, we can build a stronger, prosperous, and more inclusive future for our county.

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